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TY 2022 and MOO Awards

As we are nearing the end of 2022, I am more than ever grateful for this community and the music we shine upon the world. As children today face a threat of getting lost in our chaotic world, Music is a great way to find one's authentic self. Singing is the most effective way to form social bonds, build confidence, an outlet for self expression and of course healing oneself and others around. It is a joy like no other.

We had an amazing recital with a turn out of about 200 people and raised funds for RISE - for education in Rural India. We saw some future leaders in the process as our RM's put on their fundraiser hats.. We sang to cows on weekends, what joy! Thanks to our Raga Monsters, we
were able to build sheds for the sweet growing bulls from the funds raised in our show! 

We had amazing additions to this family including our two beloved teachers Karthik and Shruthi.


I would love to thank our early families for their continued support since the school's inception who I would love to appoint as founding members of our school - Geetha & Krishnan, Kavitha, Asish & Lalitha Ramchandran, Aarthi and Brijesh Jeeva, Madhura & Nikhil Kasinadhuni. 

I am super excited for 2023 - where we are going to be the first Indo-Jazz choir - like no other! We are going to host a Music Festival and invite other bands/schools to perform; as we continue to share our music with pride. We are also releasing our very own Raga Monsters App soon which will enable folks to access our music from anywhere, anytime and it be part of your everyday lives. Can't wait!

Music and Children combined is a source of infinite abundance.

Thank you for the Joy.

Bring on the Sing, folks!


(Founder/Artistic Director)

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