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Fondly known as "Moo Moo" by the children, Ramya is the founder/director of 'the Raga Monsters'. With a haunting and captivating voice, she is known for her signature style of seamlessly combining genres of music while staying deeply rooted in Carnatic Music. With vocal training for over 25 years in  traditional Indian classical music under accomplished teachers and jazz (at Stanford Jazz and the California Jazz Conservatory), Ramya's independent music includes collaborations with Grammy award winning musicians.  To know more about her musical journey visit

Ramya was enrolled in a PhD program in Biomedical Engineering which she dropped out of to work at a successful start up that focussed on changing patient lives in the 3rd and 4th phase of clinical trials. She was accepted into the Berklee College of Music with a scholarship. Dur to personal reasons, she deferred her admission. After nearly 10 years of working in tech, she started the Raga Monsters to focus on childhood music education. She truly believes that music can change the world in a positive way. Her life purpose is to spread the love of music - making indian classical music accessible to children, whether it is in urban cities globally or in rural areas where music education is limited.

Ramya is also often the target of pranks by her two boys 12 and 9 and her woof child "Laya". Her favorite living beings are cows and mostly prefers the company of cows to humans. Ramya lives in Palo Alto, Ca with her husband Rajiv, two sons and Laya.

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Karthik Ramasubramanian (aka) Rkay is a classically trained south indian singer & music composer hailing from Chennai,Tamilnadu,India. He has been trained under the guidance of  Thiru.S.P.Ramh from the Lalgudi School of Music for 10+ years.  He was the winner of Reality TV shows like Ragamalika featuring legends like Guitar Prasanna ,Dr.S.Sowmya, Ghatam Karthik etc. and one of the top 10 finalists of  Vijay TV Super Singer show. He is a IndianRaga Fellow and has been featured on many productions with artists like Mahesh Raghvan & Swaminath Selvaganesh(Grandson of Legend Vikku Vinayagaram). He has performed in leading sabhas in Chennai during the Carnatic Marghazi season like Narada Gana Sabha, Bharat Kalachar etc.


Currently he is leading a classical-rock/blues band in the Bay area,California called "OnTheRaags" as the lead vocalist and has opened for the amazing Thaikkudam Bridge recently. His role models range from Jacob Collier to A.R.Rahman, Ilayaraj and contemporaries like Sean Roldan, Pradeep Kumar.  

He loves to experiment and fuse various genres especially with classical music and his ultimate aim is becoming a completely self sufficient musician.

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