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"To study music we must learn by rules. To create music, we must break them" - Nadia Boulanger

Learning "Ragas" and "Rhythms" is a huge part of Carnatic Classical Music. Like the Western School of Music has 7 modes, Carnatic


Music has hundreds of ragas which gives children an excellent opportunity to train their ears to several sounds at a very early age.


With so many modes, learning can be daunting at first. At The Raga Monsters, learning is achieved in a creative way. A child is allowed


to absorb information and is given an opportunity  to self learn through self expression. Similar techniques are applied for Rhythms.


Rhythms ranging from 1 - 8 as a foundation for creating any rhythmic cycle. For instance, Raga Malahari below is learnt like this -

Raga Malahari


Raga Malahari has the notes S R M P D S in the ascending scale and S D P M G R S.

Anika has created her own "Malahari" monster! Next step will be to write her own song! 

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