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In person South Bay Area

Group Class 45 mins
0 - 4 yrs

$650 for 14 weeks

  1. Musical connections start in the Pre-natal stage as early as 14 weeks.

  2. Science has proven that early      exposure to Music in babies 0 - 4 yrs  increases cognitive function, memory and creativity in the later years. According to UNICEF, making music can make your baby/toddler happier and smarter.​

  3. This is a unique program tailored specifically for the little yet mighty ears/brains to experience music like never before.

Raga Bubbles involves parent participation - which gives a wonderful bonding musical experience.  Through repetition of weekly activities in a virtual class, strengthen those newly formed brain connections. Experience the magic of Raga Music songs (in english and other languages, yes!) in class with your child and take it home with you! 

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14 Weeks


Online / In person South Bay Area

Group Classes 45 mins
4 - 7 yrs
$650 for 14 weeks


Uniquely designed to introduce fundamentals of notes, modes, scales, rhythms in a fun way through simple song and art.

Across ethnicities, children benefit from building a strong foundation in vocal music they can apply across genres and instruments. 

Ideal for children wanting exposure to music as a  tool of self expression, learning basics of Raga Music to apply across genres such as pop/jazz etc. and learning. Watch the child fall in love with music and who just can't wait to take it to the next level!


Also ideal for a school setting such as an after school class.

listen to sample

14 Weeks

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